ChemIndustrial Polyethylene Mix Tanks

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Six 1700 gallon cone bottom mix tanks with stands, ready to ship from the ChemIndustrial factory.

Heavy duty cone bottom tanks with powerful high torque mixers

CSI’s cone bottom mix tanks liquefy, dissolve, suspend and mix granular materials. Heavy duty, high torque agitators are driven by robust electric motor/gear drive combinations for powerful mixing action.

Heavy duty poly tanks with powerful high torque mixers.

Cone bottom full drain polyethylene mix tanks - sized from 40 gallons to 4900 gallons

Dissolve and mix soluble materials

Suspend insoluble particulates and heavy granular materials

Powerful yet low-shear mixing using ChemIndustrial's high torque, low speed drive train

Our mix tanks are molded 20% thicker than regular storage tanks for extra strength to handle many heavier liquids

Options include: Baffles, VFD Speed Control, Built-in PLC functions, Level Sensor, Temperature Sensor